What Is Active And Inactive Sessions In Oracle?

How can I see active sessions in database?

Here’s a simple SQL to find all Active sessions in your Oracle Database:SELECT SID, Serial#, UserName, Status, SchemaName, Logon_Time.FROM V$Session.WHERE.Status=’ACTIVE’ AND.UserName IS NOT NULL;.

What is Active Session History in Oracle?

Oracle 10g introduced the Active Session History (ASH) as part of the Diagnostics and Tuning Pack. It samples information from the [G]V$ views allowing you to see current and historical information about active sessions on the database.

What are inactive sessions in Oracle?

Up vote 0. ACTIVE means the session is currently executing some SQL operations whereas INACTIVE means the opposite. Check out the ORACLE v$session documentation. By nature, a high number of ACTIVE sessions will slow down the whole DBMS including your application.

How do I stop an inactive session in Oracle?

See killing Oracle sessions. You can also have a sniped sessions that ppear connected yet inactive and idle…. Gather session information from Oracle. Kill the session at the OS-level. Kill the session within Oracle using the “alter system kill session” command:

What causes inactive session Oracle?

Large numbers of long term inactive sessions are typically caused by problems with an application or an application server not handling its connections properly. The obvious thing to do is correct the problem at the source.

Can we kill inactive sessions in Oracle?

SELECT sid, serial#, status, username FROM v$session; You could also use IMMEDIATE clause: ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION ‘sid,serial#’ IMMEDIATE; … Have a look at Killing Oracle Sessions.