What Is A Coordination Fee?

What does my fees mean?

A fee is a sum of money that you pay to be allowed to do something.

A fee is the amount of money that a person or organization is paid for a particular job or service that they provide.

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What is a set fee?

An initial fee that is charged by an organization to set up an account (similar financial instrument) noun. 0. 0.

What is difference between fee and tax?

The distinction between a tax and fee lies primarily in the fact that a tax is levied as part of a common burden, while a fee is for payment of a specific benefit or privilege although the special advantage is secondary to the primary purposes of regulation in public interest, if the element of revenue for general …

Is fee plural or singular?

NounEdit. The plural form of fee; more than one (kind of) fee.

What’s included in a service charge?

Landlords charge service charges to recover their costs in providing services to a building. … The charge normally covers the cost of services such as general maintenance and repairs, buildings insurance and, if these are provided, central heating, lifts, porters, and lighting and cleaning shared areas and so on.

How do you use fees?

“There is a small enrollment fee.” “He was ordered to pay her attorney fees.” “The admission fee for this museum is high.” “He pays a membership fee every month.”

What does it mean to be fee?

an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work or for a particular right or service: agree/charge/collect, etc. a fee He’s good, but he charges huge fees.

What is the difference between a charge and a fee?

A fee is a compensantion paid for an act or service performed by someone. A charge is an amount paid for other items. For example, if you rent a car, you could have to pay a fueling fee for the act of taking the car to the station and fueling it, and a fuel charge for the actual fuel used.

What are examples of fees?

Most often, fees are the payment one makes for service, both basic—mowing a lawn, for example, and complex—like drafting a will or preparing your taxes. Sometimes there is more than one fee charged for a service (i.e., buying a plane ticket for X amount of money, but getting hit with luggage fees and travel fees).

How do you explain a service fee?

A service charge is a fee collected to pay for services related to the primary product or service being purchased. The charge is usually added at the time of the transaction. Many industries collect service charges, including restaurants, banking, and travel and tourism.

What is a daily fee?

A daily charge, in addition to the accommodation payment, payable by all residents. It is a contribution toward daily living expenses such as meals, cleaning, laundry, assistance with daily living.