Quick Answer: What Is The SIC Code For Online Retailer?

What is SIC code 7389?

SIC Code 7389 : Business services,Not elsewhere classified..

How do SIC codes work?

SIC codes are four-digit numerical representations of major businesses and industries. SIC codes are assigned based on common characteristics shared in the products, services, production and delivery system of a business.

What are SIC codes used for?

SIC codes can be used to classify companies for tax purposes. Banks and creditors use SIC codes to identify the industry a company belongs to when considered extending credit. SIC codes are used by professionals and businesses to create targeted marketing campaigns.

What is SIC code 5812?

SIC code 5812 is used by businesses primarily selling food, while 5813 is used by bars and other drinking places. The types of businesses using SIC code 5812 might include restaurants, cafes, caterers, buffets and snack shops.

How many SIC codes can you have?

For most companies, you would only need to select one SIC code that best describes the business activities of the company. However, companies can select up to four SIC codes to classify their business activities.

What is the SIC code for wholesale distribution?

This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of non-durable goods….Industry Group 517: Petroleum And Petroleum Products.5171Petroleum Bulk stations and Terminals2,2465172Petroleum and Petroleum Products Wholesalers, Except Bulk Stations and Terminals12,043

What is a company SIC code?

SIC codes, or standard industrial classification codes, are five-digit codes that group companies by their business activities.

What is the SIC code for online sales?

8999Online Sales – ZIP 35811, NAICS 541990, SIC 8999.

What is the Naics code for online retail?

NAICS Code 454111NAICS Code 454111 – Electronic Shopping Definition of NAICS Code 454111: This U.S. industry comprises establishments engaged in retailing all types of merchandise using the Internet.

Why are SIC codes used?

SIC Codes are Standard Industrial Classification Codes. They are used to classify industries by giving them a five digit code. … This practice (and system) was first developed in the United States in 1937 and is now used by government agencies in other countries in order to monitor what industry types are developing.

What is the SIC code for retail?

Industry: 5999—Miscellaneous Retail Stores, Not Elsewhere ClassifiedCodesTitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses5999Miscellaneous Retail Stores, Nec225,497599900Miscellaneous retail stores, nec81,70459990000Miscellaneous retail stores, nec81,704599901Alarm and safety equipment stores4,565138 more rows

How do you find a companies SIC code?

How to find your Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codeUse the Find Company Information link on the home page. Type in your company name or registration number.Look through the list to find the 5 digit code against your type of business.Use the search facility for your type of business activity.

What is SIC code 82990?

SIC Code 82990: Other business support service activities n.e.c.

Are SIC codes still used?

However, SIC codes are still commonly used by companies that often add numbers to the end of the original codes to expand or update the original classifications.

Can a company have multiple SIC codes?

Companies can have more than one SIC code so that they can reflect the different activities that they do. They will then have to confirm that their SIC codes are still relevant each year. If you are doing a company formation through The Company Warehouse you will be given a searchable list of SIC codes to pick from.