Quick Answer: How Can I Improve My JEE Score?

Is 99 percentile good in JEE mains?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has clearly explained the normalisation process used for calculating the percentile in JEE Main 2020….JEE Main Percentile vs Ranks.Percentile Scores (NTA Score)Expected JEE Main Rank (Approximate)10019987509817,5009726,20018 more rows.

Is 98 percentile good in JEE mains?

Since you have scored 98 percentile in JEE mains, your general rank would lie around approx 20,000. Based on this rank you can get mechanical in ur state nit it is difficult to get cs. Hope it helps.

Can I get nit with 120 marks in JEE mains?

Answer. Anurag with your 120 marks in JEE main exam in the general category you can expect to get rank in the range of 60,000 – 80,000. With this rank, your chance to get admission in any of the NITs or IIITs is very slim but you can get admission in some of the other private engineering colleges.

What is the rank for 150 marks in JEE Main?

JEE Main Marks Vs Ranks 2020MarksRank121 – 13020164 – 16084131 – 14015501 – 12281141 – 15011678 – 9302151 – 1608949 – 700427 more rows

How can I get 99 percentile in JEE mains?

Try to cover all the important chapters that have high weightage in jee mains papers….I got 99.92 %ile in jee mains and I can guide you.Follow your coaching religiously.Give mock tests.Keep a check on silly mistakes.Work on exam temperament.Never be happy or sad by seeing your friend’s Mark’s and by comparing.

What will be my rank if I score 180 in JEE mains?

Expected JEE Main All India Ranks (CRL)197-1805000 – 7000179-1657000 – 9500less than 1649500 – 20,000less than 95160,000 – 280,000less than 80More than 280,0006 more rows•Dec 15, 2020

Will JEE syllabus be reduced 2021?

The HRD minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal “Nishank” has announced that JEE Main 2021 syllabus will not be reduced, however, there will be a change in the exam pattern. The authorities earlier announced CBSE syllabus reduction from Classes 9 to 12 for the academic year 2020-21 by 30%.

Is 96 percentile good in JEE mains?

Check the engineering college/branch you may get after scoring 96 percentile in JEE Main 2020. After the declaration of the JEE Main result, the most common question, which arises in the candidates’ mind is which college they will get based on the percentile/score obtained by them.

Which is better RS Aggarwal or RD Sharma?

Being almost three times as thick as R.S. Aggarwal class 10, R.D. Sharma’s math textbook is definitely more expansive and has a lot more solved examples from a plethora of exams both from boards and competitive, however, it is that very thing that puts off a lot of students from adopting it.

Is 130 a good score in JEE mains?

Check the JEE Main response sheet, score and corresponding ranks to get an estimate of the ranks that you will get in JEE Main 2021….JEE Main Marks vs Rank Analysis 2021.JEE Main Rank RangeJEE Main Score Range50001 – 75000130 – 13975001 – 98000125 – 12998001 – 118000117 – 124118001 – 139400109 – 11635 more rows•Dec 17, 2020

Which IIT can I get with 10000 rank?

IITs for 5,000 to 10,000 Rank Holders in JEE Advanced 2020Name of the IITName of BranchExpected Opening RankIndian Institute of Technology, RoorkeeChemistry (5 Years)6218Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) DhanbadChemical Engineering5624Civil Engineering6526Engineering Physics592780 more rows•Oct 6, 2020

What is a good score in JEE 2020?

Good JEE Main Score/ Percentile to be Eligible for JEE AdvancedYearJEE Main Cutoff for JEE Advanced (General Category)SC202090.376533550.1760245201990 Percentile402017 (in Marks)81322016 (in Marks)100522 more rows•Dec 17, 2020

Is 250 a good score in JEE mains?

The competition in JEE Main 2020 is going to be high, but if students follow a strategy, it can lead to better results. … JEE Main paper for BTech / BE is a 300 marks paper and if candidates score 250+, they can easily get admission in some of the top engineering institutes of India.

Does JEE Main repeat questions?

Then there is a need to practice last year’s JEE Main papers, definitely you will come across the questions which have been repeated 2-3 times, they may be same or change with values/data or on same concept or pattern. But the format of exam keeps changing. So always rely on recent years question papers.

How many hours do JEE toppers study?

Some days, I would study for 3 hours and other days for 4, 10 or 12 hours. I used to do it according to myself. But on an average it should be around 6 hours every day….How Many Hours in A Day Must You Study For IIT JEE?ActivityHours in a DaySchool7Self-Directed Study6Online i30 Coaching2Leisure Activity12 more rows•Jun 8, 2018

Is 97 percentile good in JEE?

You need to score in between 120 to 150 marks in JEE mains to get a percentile of 97. With this percentile, you can get some good branches in some good top NITs and IIITs and GFTIs. Please visit this link for details about marks vs Percentile in JEE mains.

Is 120 a good score in JEE mains?

Hello Aspirant, Its quite difficult to predict exact rank from marks as rank can depend upon Level of paper, but on an average we can say that with 120 marks in JEE Main your rank can be 40 to 60 thousand, if the paper is quite easy then your rank will be close to 60 thousand and its quite tough then your rank will be …

Is RD Sharma enough for JEE mains?

RD Sharma does make your foundation for JEE strong and ready for conceptual questions of Advanced but it is advisable to use other reference books and coaching institutes materials. … RD Sharma Maths book for iit jee is not enough. The objective book focuses on MCQs rather than subjective questions.

Can I get nit with 95 percentile?

There are less chances for you to get admissions into Top NITs with 95 percentile, however, that also depends on you category and choice of B. Tech programme. You can check the cutoff range and accordingly see which NITs will accept your score.

How can I increase my JEE Main score?

Analyse past mistakes: Those who appeared for JEE Main exam in January must analyse where things went wrong. Work on your weak areas. Cover all topics: Read the topics which could not be covered last time. It will help you attempt more questions in the examination, thus increasing the chances of improving your score.

Is 200 a good score in JEE mains?

Revise Smartly One can study the whole course and revise it all once. After that, revision of important topics shall prove enough to score above 200 in JEE Main in 21 days. … Thus, inculcate the practices in your study regime until the exam dates are announced for JEE Main January 2021 session.