Question: What Is The Meaning Of Full Length?

What does philatelist mean?

the collecting of stamps and other postal matter as a hobby or an investment.

the study of postage stamps, revenue stamps, stamped envelopes, postmarks, postal cards, covers, and similar material relating to postal or fiscal history..

What does the phrase at length mean?

phrase. If someone does something at length, they do it for a long time or in great detail. They spoke at length, reviewing the entire incident.

What’s an example of time?

Time is defined as the duration in which all things happen, or a precise instant that something happens. An example of time is the Renaissance era. An example of time is breakfast at eight o’clock in the morning. An example of time is a date at noon next Saturday.

What is it called to be on time?

We call those types punctual. They’ll check their watch when you arrive three minutes late. The word punctual originates from the Latin word punctualis, which means “a point.” To be punctual, you have to arrive at the right point in time.

What is the meaning of at a stretch?

Also, at one stretch. At one time, during one period. For example, Working quickly, she hoped to finish all the drawings at a stretch. In contrast to the nearly synonymous at a sitting, this idiom, first recorded in 1774, does not imply being seated while engaging in a single continuous activity.

What does eventually mean?

adverb. at the very end; finally. (as sentence modifier) after a long time or long delayeventually, he arrived.

What is another word for late?

SYNONYMS FOR late 1 tardy; slow, dilatory; delayed, belated.

What is the full meaning of time?

Things I Must Endure TIMEThings I Must Endure. TIME. Things I Must Experience. TIME. Temporal Representation and Reasoning (International Symposium)

What is a full length book?

A full-length book, recording, or film is the normal length, rather than being shorter than normal.

What is the meaning of full body?

1 : having a large body. 2 of a beverage : imparting to the palate the general impression of substantial weight and rich texture. 3 : having importance, significance, or meaningfulness full-bodied study of literature.

How do you use at length?

At-length sentence examplesWe can defend ourselves at length. … He gathered together a band of supporters, plans were drawn up, and at length all was ready for the rising.More items…

Is punctuality a skill?

Punctuality and good time management are skills demanded by employers across all industries. That’s because being late has the ability to negatively affect whole teams, disrupting meetings and giving yourself and others a reputation for being unprofessional.