Question: What Is Another Word For Extraordinary?

What’s a better word than extraordinary?

SYNONYMS FOR extraordinary 1 inordinate.

2 uncommon, singular, rare, phenomenal, special, signal..

What is a fancy word for cool?

SYNONYMS. calm, cool, calm, and collected, composed, as cool as a cucumber, collected, cool-headed, level-headed, self-possessed, controlled, self-controlled, poised. serene, tranquil, relaxed, unruffled, unperturbed, unflustered, undisturbed, unagitated, unmoved, unbothered, untroubled.

What is the new word for cool?

Sic/Sick – Cool or sweet. Snatched – Looks good, perfect, or fashionable; the new “on fleek” Fire – Hot, trendy, amazing, or on point (formerly “straight fire”)

What is a good word for awesome?

amazingawesome.fascinating.incredible.marvelous.prodigious.shocking.stunning.surprising.More items…

What is the closest antonym for the word extraordinary?

Antonyms for extraordinaryunexceptional.unimportant.unremarkable.usual.worthless.customary.unextraordinary.unsurprising.More items…

Is extraordinary a positive word?

Something extraordinary goes above and beyond what is expected. This can be good or bad. Saving a child from a burning building is an extraordinary act of heroism, but a test score of 11 out of 100 is extraordinary too. The extra- in extraordinary means “outside” the ordinary.

What makes someone extraordinary?

Extraordinary people live the same life and face the same challenges as ordinary person do. But their response and set of values are different. To me an extraordinary person is one who has a strong sense of what is right or wrong, and who chooses to stand by the right, no matter what the compulsions not to do so.

How do you say very special?

very specialvery particular. phr.very specific. phr.really special. phr.very distinctive. special. phr.pretty special. phr.very unique. phr.very peculiar. phr.More items…

What is another word for experience?


What is another word for different?

How is the word different different from other adjectives like it? Some common synonyms of different are disparate, divergent, diverse, and various. While all these words mean “unlike in kind or character,” different may imply little more than separateness but it may also imply contrast or contrariness.

How do you say cool in a professional way?

The ebook also contains four more words for “cool” that are not mentioned in this article.Awesome. When to use it: When you’re extremely impressed with something. … Sweet. When to use it: When something is pleasing to you. … Killer. When to use it: When referring to something excellent. … Dope. … Chill. … Sick. … Bad ass. … Bitchin’More items…•

What are two synonyms for extraordinary?

Synonyms & Antonyms of extraordinaryaberrant,aberrated,abnormal,anomalous,atypical,especial,exceeding,exceptional,More items…

What’s a big word for special?

Some common synonyms of special are especial, individual, particular, and specific.

Is there a difference between extraordinary and extra ordinary?

Extraordinary means: out of the ordinary – unusual, uncommon, exceptional. Whereas, Extra ordinary means: very common, usual, fixed, prevailing.