Question: How Do I Check My Hive Metastore Version?

How do I know if my Hive Thrift server is running?

See HIVE-6977.

Thrift’s interface definition language (IDL) file for HiveServer is hive_service.

thrift , which is installed in $HIVE_HOME/service/if/ .

After starting the server, to test if the server is working well, run the hiveserver and jdbc tests in ‘standalone’ mode..

How do I refresh metadata in hive?

To flush the metadata for all tables, use the INVALIDATE METADATA command. Because REFRESH table_name only works for tables that the current Impala node is already aware of, when you create a new table in the Hive shell, enter INVALIDATE METADATA new_table before you can see the new table in impala-shell.

How do I update hive?

There are many approaches that you can follow to update Hive tables, such as:Use Temporary Hive Table to Update Table.Set TBLPROPERTIES to enable ACID transactions on Hive Tables.Use HBase to update records and create Hive External table to display HBase Table data.

How do I know what version of hue I have?

Go to /usr/lib/hue/ Move VERSIONS to then restart hue service. Once, done you will see correct Hue UI.

How can I tell if hive Metastore is running?

Start hive thrift server with below command and running service process can be verified with $ jps -lm command. I.e. the above local metastore configuration is successful through standalone MySQL database.

How do I find metadata for hive?

When using Hive, you access metadata about schemas and tables by executing statements written in HiveQL (Hive’s version of SQL) such as SHOW TABLES . When using the HCatalog Connector, you can get metadata about the tables in the Hive database through several Vertica system tables.

How can I check my NameNode status?

Use the following steps to check the status of an HDFS cluster with hadoop fsck:Check the status of the root filesystem with the following command: … Check the status of all the files on HDFS with the following command: … Check the locations of file blocks with the following command:More items…•

Can Hadoop run on Windows?

You will need the following software to run Hadoop on Windows. Supported Windows OSs: Hadoop supports Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista and Windows 7. … As Hadoop is written in Java, we will need to install Oracle JDK 1.6 or higher.

How do I view tables in Hive database?

Issue the SHOW TABLES command to see the views or tables that exist within workspace. Switch to the Hive schema and issue the SHOW TABLES command to see the Hive tables that exist. Switch to the HBase schema and issue the SHOW TABLES command to see the HBase tables that exist within the schema.

How do I find the schema of a table in hive?

There are three ways to describe a table in Hive. To see table primary info of Hive table, use describe table_name; command. To see more detailed information about the table, use describe extended table_name; command. To see code in a clean manner use describe formatted table_name; command to see all information.

How do I find my HDFS version?

Using HDFS command line is one of the best way to get the detailed version. Using HDP Select command on the host where you want to check the version. Using Ambari API also we can get some idea about the hdfs client version shipped and installed as part of the HDP.

How do I start hive Metastore server?

Starting and Stopping HMS The startup script of HMS is stored in the following location: /usr/lib/hive/bin/thrift-metastore . Use this command to start HMS: sudo /usr/lib/hive/bin/thrift-metastore server start . Use this command to stop HMS: sudo /usr/lib/hive/bin/thrift-metastore server stop .

How do I check my hive version?

To find out the Hive version you can run below command on CLI: hive –version.

What is the latest hive version?

Hive 0.13 and 0.14 are old, the latest stable release is 1.2. 1.

How do you check if Hadoop is installed or not?

Your answer To check Hadoop daemons are running or not, what you can do is just run the jps command in the shell. You just have to type ‘jps’ (make sure JDK is installed in your system). It lists all the running java processes and will list out the Hadoop daemons that are running.

How do I start hiveserver2?

Start Hiverserver2 Go to the ‘bin’ directory under hive installation directory. To start the Hiveserver2 run the following script. By default hiverserver2 will listen on port 10000 for incoming requests. Open one more terminal and check whether hiveserver2 has started.

Why HBase is faster than Hive?

Hbase is faster when compared to Hive in fetching data. Hive is used to process structured data whereas HBase since it is schema-free, can process any type of data. Hbase is highly(horizontally) scalable when compared to Hive.

Can we update hive external table?

You can not have latest data in the query output . Other is external table in which hive will not copy its data to internal warehouse . So whenever you fire query on table then it retrieves data from the file. SO you can even have the latest data in the query output.

Can Hadoop run on Windows 10?

Hadoop Installation on Windows 10 You can install Hadoop in your system as well which would be a feasible way to learn Hadoop. We will be installing single node pseudo-distributed hadoop cluster on windows 10. Prerequisite: To install Hadoop, you should have Java version 1.8 in your system.

How do I check my Hadoop version?

You can find the right location of hadoop by typing locate hadoop . Show activity on this post. You need to add the path of the hadoop program to your $PATH variable. Now try hadoop version .

Where is hive Metastore located?

By default, the location of the warehouse is file:///user/hive/warehouse and we can also use the hive-site. xml file for the local or remote metastore.