Question: Are Calls To Telstra Free?

Are 13 numbers free from Telstra mobiles?


13 numbers cost 40 cents per call.

1800 numbers are the freecall numbers, 13 numbers are local call cost..

How much does Telstra charge for international calls?

International call ratesInternational calls rates (charged per minute block or part)$10, $20, $30, $40, $50 & $60 RechargesCONNECTION FEE (FLAGFALL)0cINTERNATIONAL SMS20c3 more rows

How do I talk to a Telstra operator?

Re: How to speak to a real operator with 24/7 chat Please call Telstra Residential on 13 22 00 if you wish to discuss your account over the phone.

Is a 1800 number free in Australia?

1800 numbers let customers call for free Get free calls from any fixed line phone anywhere in Australia. Callers using mobile phones may still pay a rate determined by their service provider. Pays all call costs. There is no free talk time component for 1800 numbers.

How do I get a 1300 number in Australia?

1300 Smartnumbers are managed by the Australian Government through the Australian Communications and Media Authority at the ACMA Smartnumbers website. You can get 1300 Numbers via direct purchase from their website with prices for Smartnumbers starting at $250.

What is the difference between 13 and 1300 numbers?

Aside from the number of digits in the numbers (13 has six digits, 1300 and 1800 have ten), the most notable difference between 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers are the fees incurred by the caller.

How much does Telstra International Day pass cost?

Unlimited calls and text to standard international numbers 200MB of data per day (based on AEST time) after which will be charged at $10 per 500MB, valid for 31 days, for usage in Eligible Destinations).

Does Telstra have an email address?

Telstra do not have email support addresses due to the unsecured nature of email.

What number do I ring for Telstra?

For general enquiries call 13 2000.

Does Telstra charge for 1800 numbers?

Calls to 1800 numbers from Telstra landlines will continue to be free of charge. … With 1800 number calls now free of charge, you can enjoy greater cost certainty and value across both our Post-Paid and Pre-Paid mobile plans.

What is the best mobile plan for international calls?

Best phone plans with international callsBest Optus: $49 Optus Choice Plan.Best Optus MVNO: amaysim $30 UNLIMITED.Best Telstra: $50 Pre-paid Complete.Best Telstra MVNO: Belong Mobile Large 40GB.Best Vodafone: $65 Super+ Plan.Best Vodafone MVNO: Lebara $29.90 Medium.

Why are 1300 numbers so expensive?

When calling a 1300 number from any landline in Australia, the caller is charged the cost of a local call. That’s why 1300 numbers are often referred to as Local Rate Numbers. Higher charges apply when dialling from a mobile phone. They are determined by the mobile phone company and vary between carriers.

How can I call internationally for free?

Skype is a free app for Android, Apple, and Windows devices. If you need to send text messages or call a cell phone or landline, you will have to pay a monthly fee. So in a nutshell, Skype to Skype international calls are free, but Skype to traditional phones cost money.

How do I contact Telstra NBN?

Call us on 1800 834 273 and choose Option 1. Our consultants will arrange an appointment. Good to know: You may need two separate appointments to switch your service onto the nbn network– one with an nbn co technician and one with a Telstra technician.

Can I call Telstra from overseas?

While overseas you can contact Telstra on +61 439 125 109, this is a free call from a Telstra phone.

How do I contact Telstra by phone?

If you want to call Telstra to set up a new service, you can do so by dialling one of the numbers below.To subscribe to a mobile service: 1800 676 642.To subscribe to a broadband service: 1800 709 957.To subscribe to landline or entertainment services: 1800 676 088.

Do Cancelled calls show up on phone bill?

If the call was not completed (the other party never picked up) then no, the call would not show on your bill. It may show on your phone’s call history as a dialed call.

How do I contact Telstra about a complaint?

Get the My Telstra appUse our online form to lodge your complaint. We’ll acknowledge your complaint within one business day, but it may take a few days to reach a case manager.Post your complaint letter to: Telstra Complaints. Locked Bag 20026. Melbourne VIC 3001.Fax your complaint to 1800 753 949.Contact us on 13 22 00.