Is 86 Percentile Good In JEE Mains?

Is 84 percentile good in JEE mains?

Hello, for 84 percentile your predicted rank will be around 1.4 lakhs .

For this rank I don’t think you will get any NITs unless if you belong to SC or ST category.

For General Merit it is close to impossible.

I would suggest you to give your best shot at April attempt and you will definitely score better..

Can I get nit with 89 percentile?

Yes, you can get NIT Manipur. 89 percentile is enough for NIT, Manipur. There are chances of getting admission in NIT Manipur. If not, do attend few more counselings.

Can you get 85 percentile NIT?

No, you cannot get CSE branch in any of the NITs with 85 percentile. But, as per as your caste category you can get any other branch depending on the cutoff in any NIT. No, you cannot get CSE branch in any of the NITs with 85 percentile.

Can I get nit with 93 percentile?

For a percentile of 93 in jee mains your general category rank should be around 70k. You will get admission in NIT on the basis of your category rank i.e. Gen-EWS rank.

Can I get nit with 78 percentile?

Answer. With 78 percentile in Jee mains there is no chances of getting admission in NIT college.

Can I get nit with 90 percentile OBC?

with 90 percentile in the jee main 2020 which NIT Will I get with OBC reservation. Hello, … Based on previous year cut off you may not get seat in NITs with such rank. You need to score minimum 95 percentile or above.

Can you get 86 percentile NIT?

With 86 percentile score, your expected rank in the JEE Main exam will be around 149,170 – 169,170. … With 86 percentile score in the JEE Main exam and assuming you belong to General category, chances are less of admission to NITs.

Can I get nit with 87 percentile?

Answer. no yoy will not get a seat from nit. you need to score more percentile to get into a nit say like above 95 percentile.

What is the minimum rank to get into NIT?

To be precise, admission in NIT can be possible if your rank is more than 50,000. If you are aspiring for top NITs, your rank should be less than 10,000. However, newer NITs accept candidates who are above 50,000 rank in JEE Main.

Is 90 percentile good in JEE?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has clearly explained the normalisation process used for calculating the percentile in JEE Main 2020….JEE Main Percentile vs Ranks.Percentile Scores (NTA Score)Expected JEE Main Rank (Approximate)9178,7009087,450851,31,100801,74,90018 more rows•Sep 11, 2020

Can you get 84 percentile NIT?

You will get admission in NIT on the basis of your category rank i.e. obc rank. … For a percentile of 84 your obc rank should be around 45k to 50k.

Is 83 percentile good in JEE mains?

83 percentile in JEE mains is not enough to get NIT as your rank may be between 1.8 lakh to 2 lakh . If you want to get seat in any NIT then you need to score atleast 90 perecentile or above in JEE mains.

Can you get 96 percentile NIT?

If you are from general category, it will be difficult to get any NIT. With 96.2 percentile ,you can expect an AIR of approx 40K. The best thing you can do is have a look at the last year opening and closing rank of all the branches of NITs. And ,all the very best for April Mains and try to improve your score..

Can JEE Mains 2020 be Cancelled?

After getting postponed twice, JEE Main 2020 exam date has been scheduled to September 01-06. The exam has been postponed twice due to the rapid increase in the number of Covid-19 cases. … Postponing the exam may not be possible again, and it may be cancelled if Covid-19 cases increase.

Is 80 percentile good in JEE mains?

In order to secure admission in NITs through JEE Main, the good score for the same can be around 80-90 percentile. At the same time, the candidates must feature among the top 15,000 – 20,000 ranks range to get admission.

Can I get nit with 95 percentile?

Hi! There are less chances for you to get admissions into Top NITs with 95 percentile, however, that also depends on you category and choice of B. Tech programme. You can check the cutoff range and accordingly see which NITs will accept your score.

What is the minimum percentile required for NIT?

However, for getting admission into IITs, NITs and other CFTIs, along with clearing JEE Main passing marks i.e. minimum marks in JEE Main to get NIT, IIT & CFTIs, the students must have secured a minimum of 75% of marks in their class 12th board exams (65% for reserved category candidates) or should be within the top …

Is 82 percentile good in JEE?

82 percentile is not the poor marks that you won’t get any colleges. You hold a chance in many reputed good colleges. With 82 percentile getting into good NIT IIIT is difficult. Though you may get into the reputed state colleges.

Which college can I get with 95 percentile in JEE mains?

I got 95 percentile in jee main which college can I get seat in CS stream. Based on your percentile your rank would be around 45,000. which will change after april session and may be upto 55,000. based on present scenerio you can get admission in few of NITs and you can get admission in IIITs and GFTIs easily.

Can you get 88 percentile NIT?

Answer. You will not be able to get into any NIT with a score of 88%ile.

How can I get 99 percentile in JEE mains?

By observing the several year trends and cutoffs we can predict that with 160+ marks you can easily score 99 percentile and for this you can bifurcate your marks for each of the three subject according to your preference. Hence, to get that marks you have to study well by taking organise steps.

What is the cutoff for NIT 2020?

JoSAA has released the Round 1 opening & closing ranks or cutoff for NIT admission 2020 on October 17, 2020….JoSAA 2020 Cutoff for Popular NITs.Name of the InstituteNational Institute of Technology HamirpurCourseComputer Science and EngineeringClosing Rank: General20019Closing Rank: SC2945Closing Rank: ST17319 more columns•Oct 21, 2020

Is 88 percentile good in JEE Mains for OBC?

Hello there, According to the formula, [100-88*869010/100], your All India Rank is 104281 approximately. Since you belong to the OBC category, your category rank will be around 40000 approximately.