How Much Does Stevens Transport Pay During Training?

What is the best trucking company to start with?

Top Training Companies for New TruckersHere’s a list of some top trucking companies that offer sponsored CDL training: U.S.

Xpress, Inc.Schneider National.Crete Carrier Corp.Werner Enterprises.JB Hunt.TMC Transportation.Prime Inc.Con-way Truckload..

Does CR England do hair test?

“With hair testing, we are able to detect months of time rather than the handful of days checked with standard urine tests. … We found our hair testing positive rate was over three times higher than the required DOT urine test alone.”

Does Stevens Transport let you take the truck home?

Stevens has secure locations for truck and trailer parking or you can find your own and have them approve it. You can park your truck at home if you lease it though.

Is Stevens transport a good company to work for?

Overall a great company. Stevens transport thrives in the success if their drivers. They are behind their drivers every step of the way. Being a training company, they strive to ensure high quality training to those new to the transportation industry and for those that are looking for better opportunities.

Does Stevens Transport do hair test?

Stevens Transport conducts urine testing and may conduct hair follicle testing.

What type of drug test does Stevens Transport do?

What type of drug test? Stevens Transport conducts urine testing and may conduct hair follicle testing.

Does Stevens Transport allow riders?

Rider Program As a Steven’s Driver, you can travel the country with an adult passenger (18 years or older) year round. You will also be able to travel with a child passenger (10 years or older) during the summer months.

Does Knight Transportation do hair test?

the hair follicle test can only be used in pre employment .

Does Pam transport do hair follicle test?

Most company’s are doing both hair tests AND piss tests. Piss tests are still the only test accepted by the DOT, hair tests are only for pre-employment screening. But, you fail a pre-employment drug test it can still be reported on your DAC and you’re pretty much done before you even start.

What does Stevens Transport pay?

The average Stevens Transport salary ranges from approximately $24,906 per year for Over the Road Truck Driver to $59,852 per year for Driver Trainer. Average Stevens Transport weekly pay ranges from approximately $447 per week for Tractor Trailer Driver to $1,700 per week for Professional Driver.

How much do truck drivers make during training?

If you go through a trucking company to get your training and licensing you will most likely get paid a flat rate weekly. Most companies average around 500 weekly for the time that you’re in training. Once you are on your own, most companies will pay within the range of 27-40 cents a mile.

How long is Stevens transport contract?

one yearAnd one year contract.