How Do You Mass Delete Specific Rows In Excel?

How do I select multiple rows in Excel using the keyboard?

How to Select Entire Row Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel (SHIFT+SPACE)Select any cell of the 3rd row, press Shift + Space key to select the row.Now use Shift + Down(twice) arrow key to select the 4th and the 5th row.More items….

How do you select a large range of cells without scrolling?

Selecting a Large Area of Data in ExcelClick into the cell in the upper left corner of the range.Click into the Name Box and type the cell in the lower right corner of the range.Press SHIFT + Enter.Excel will select the entire range.

How do I select large data in Excel without dragging?

A quick Excel keyboard trick for selecting large rangesSelect A5.Press [F5].Enter C21 in the Reference field, but don’t click OK yet.Press and hold the [Shift] key.While holding down [Shift], click OK.

How do I select all rows under Excel?

Select one or more rows and columnsSelect the letter at the top to select the entire column. Or click on any cell in the column and then press Ctrl + Space.Select the row number to select the entire row. … To select non-adjacent rows or columns, hold Ctrl and select the row or column numbers.

How do I remove infinite rows in Excel 2016?

Follow these steps:Highlight the first blank row below your data (i.e. the first row you want to delete)Hit ctrl + shift + down arrow to highlight all of the rows below.Right click the row labels (where each row’s number is shown) on the left side and select “delete” in order to delete all of these rows.More items…

How do I quickly select thousands of rows in Excel?

Select Multiple Entire Rows of Cells. To select a contiguous set of rows, click the row number of the first row. Continuing to hold down your mouse button, drag your cursor across all the rows you want to select. Or, if you prefer, you can hold down your Shift key and click the bottom-most row you want to select.

How do you select all cells below a certain point?

1 AnswerCtrl+End to go to the last row.Arrow over to the intended column.Ctrl+Up once or twice to select the column starting from the bottom.

How do I select all cells from a certain point?

If your intention is to select all of the cells on the sheet, you simply press Ctrl + A a second time and your entire worksheet will be highlighted.

How do you mass delete Excel rows?

Delete Blank RowsOn the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Find & Select.Click Go To Special.Select Blanks and click OK. Excel selects the blank cells.On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Delete.Click Delete Sheet Rows. Result:

How do I delete multiple random rows in Excel?

Click + Shift or Shift + Click on the Row Header (the number cell at the far left) to select multiple rows and either “delete” or right click to the context menu and delete. If you want to delete row contents, then select multiple rows from Row Headers (Left most of your screen normally) and press Delete key.