Do You Get Tips At Dairy Queen?

What is Dairy Queen’s starting pay?

around $9.00 per hourSalary and Compensation Average pay for crew member associates generally falls around $9.00 per hour.

Starting pay for DQ team members hovers around minimum wage, and wages increase with experience and promotion..

How much does Dairy Queen make an hour?

Salary satisfaction Average Dairy Queen hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.32 per hour for Team Trainer to $16.70 per hour for Member Services Representative. The average Dairy Queen salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Fast Food Attendant to $85,093 per year for Owner Operator Driver.

Does Dairy Queen do drug test?

No they do not drug test.

How late is Dairy Queen open till?

Dairy QueenDays of The WeekOpening HoursClosing TimesMonday – Friday7:00 a.m.10:30 a.m.Saturday – Sunday7:00 a.m.11:00 a.m.

What should I wear to an interview at Dairy Queen?

11 answers Semi casual, although the dress wear is not as important as an outgoing and friendly personality. Clean casual wear (Something family friendly) and a great smile/attitude!

How much do they pay at Dairy Queen?

How much does Dairy Queen in Alberta pay? Average Dairy Queen hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.72 per hour for Food Preparation Worker to $23.67 per hour for Restaurant Staff.

Can you have fake nails at Dairy Queen?

No, in any food service establishment, acrylic nails are frowned upon. … Your nails cannot even have polish on them.

Is working at Dairy Queen Easy?

Work-life balance at Dairy Queen is very easy. I worked mostly night shifts so i still had time for school during the day. My pay and benefits at Dairy Queen are average. … My experience working at Dairy Queen was very fun and i learned a lot of helpful things.

Do you get paid weekly at Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen employees receive payments bi-weekly, or every two weeks.

Does Dairy Queen pay for training?

Yes, you get paid for training.

Can a 14 year old work at Dairy Queen?

Application Information Minimum Age Requirement: Generally, you must be sixteen years old or older to work at Dairy Queen. There are some stores in certain states that will let you be a “Team Member” as young as fourteen, but this is the exception.

What is the Dairy Queen uniform?

Standard uniform of black pants, Dairy Queen shirt, Dairy Queen hat, black non-slip shoes.

How long is Dairy Queen training?

two daysTraining period is only two days.